Bellack in London
huh? Pretty simple, actually, for anyone who doesn't know. I'm Jonathan. I'm American. I moved to London in November 2000 and came back to the US in July 2002. For the first few months I kept an online journal, just like umpteen other Web sites, and Samuel Pepys in the 17th Century. When Pepys wrote his journal, London burned to the ground in the Great Fire and lost a third of its population in the Great Plague. Fortunately I had slightly better luck.

Week One: November 3-12, 2000
Week Two: November 13-19, 2000
Week Three: November 20-26, 2000
Week Four: November 27 - December 3, 2000
Week Five: December 4-10, 2000
Week Six: December 11-17, 2000
Week Seven: December 18-24, 2000 (Spain trip)
Week Eight: December 25-31, 2000
Week Nine: January 1-7, 2001
Week Ten: January 8-14, 2001
Week Eleven to Fifteen:
January 15 - February 20, 2001 (the big gap)

St. Paul's Cathedral seen from the South bank of the Thames, by the Tate Modern art gallery, with my spiffy super-zoom lens.
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Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd., Wine Merchants, Established in the XVII Century, on St. James's.
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Windsor Castle and the town on a remarkably foggy day.
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Southwest view of the Thames while standing on Putney Bridge.
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